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St. John Chrysostomos
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Greek Orthodox Monastery of
St. John Chrysostomos. 
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  • There are also a few individual items that have been added to different pages and are identified as **NEW** items.  Please browse through the site to view these new treasures and perhaps even rediscover some old treasures as well!



as well as
have now been added to the website.  You may find the perfect gift for your wedding/baptism guests or an elegant set of hand decorated candles to mark your special day.  Details are provided in the item descriptions as well as some sample photos. 
A few notes about the site...
  • There is a wide variety of items available and each can be ordered and shipped  directly to you.
  • Please visit "How to View Photo Galleries" for information on how to view the best possible images and even slideshows.
  • Please also visit "General Information" for specifics on item descriptions and the terminology used with most items.
  • There are several pictures on some of the pages as well as numerous photos in the photo galleries, so please be patient as your web browser downloads the information, especially if you have dial-up service.

A few notes about the icons...

  • The handmade wooden, stone, and mineral icons from the Holy Monastery of St. John Chrysostomos can be done in a multitude of sizes, styles and shapes as described within this site.
  • Each item goes through several steps beginning with high quality icon prints.  Other touches are then added to produce a truly wonderful and unique piece.
  • Once the hand-crafted details are complete, each icon is finished in a high-gloss resin for beauty, protection and durability.

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